Solutions for a Diverse Workforce


Workshops and Services

We can customize workshops that apply to the specific diversity issues of your organization, team, or group.

Custom Workshop

We use active-learning and multi-media to develop public speaking skills based on charismatic leadership theory and practice.

Public Speaking Workshop

We use active-learning exercises and highlight current research on diversity issues. Workshops can be customized to focus on specific diversity issues (e.g.; gender, sexual orientation, race) or provide a broad scope of several issues. Workbooks are available for trainees.

Inclusion Training Workshop

Approximately 1000-word summaries of relevant research on specific issues, concepts, or best practices important to your organization or company.

Research Briefs

500 to 1000-word summaries of current research that focus on one topic or issue. These are shorter, less detailed versions of the Research Briefs.

Executive Summaries